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Frequently asked questions

HP (Hire Purchase)
What is HP?

HP (or Hire Purchase) is an agreement that can last from 3 to 5 years. At the end of the agreement there’s no lump sum or final payment for you to make, the car belongs to you.

How long will it take to get my car?

It varies depending on how easy it is to get hold of your car. If your car is a fairly standard make and model, and in a popular colour then we’ll probably have something in stock and it can be ready in 3-6 weeks. If we haven’t got the car in stock that you’re after (for example if you wanted extras above the normal specifications, or you wanted it in a less popular colour) we’d have to get the car built for you and this means it should be with you in up to 12 weeks. The waiting time for the cars is because we need to either source your car or get it built. Then, we get it shipped, do all the necessary paperwork and make sure the dual controls are fitted before delivery.

Will the car be taxed and MOT'd?

All our cars will be taxed for 24 months and because they’re brand new, they won’t need an MOT until they are three years old.

What warranty is on the car?

Because our cars are brand new, they’ll all come with a standard warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Contract Hire
What happens at the end of my Contract Hire lease?

This depends on the lease deal you choose. If you go for contract hire, you will give the vehicle back at the end of the contract, however if you choose to renew your lease agreement, you simply pick a new vehicle and contract.

With contract purchase, you’ll have the option to pay a final balloon payment at the end of your lease agreement and keep the vehicle, continue with your lease and pick a new vehicle or simply hand the vehicle back.